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RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Cleaning & repairs

We cooperate with various leading sailmakers, and can offer different approaches for having your sails cleaned and repaired.There are different ways to Rome, ou can have your goods picked up by us through our carrier UPS or deliver them your selves to us. Alternatively you can also bring the sails or covers to one of our partners.

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Sail cleaning by RED GULL Oy and sail repair carried out by North-Sails

Our partner for PRO-2 sail washing and repairs has been the company North-Sails here in Finland for many years. The processing of the sails at North-Sails always consists of a complete inspection of the sail & regarding the ordered repairs. If any further need for repair of your sails is discovered, you will be informed in advance about the additional work and its price.

In direct sales, we can work on sails in 3 or 4 steps as needed for the archiving best results for your sails. Mostly this is done in 3 steps:

(1) First wash and optimize, (2) then repair and (3) then install protective coating, to cover the entire sail.

Or as with furling-genoas regularly required, when algae and dirt have entered between the UV protection and the sail, in a 4 step process:

(1) First remove the UV protection, (2) then clean the sail so that algae below the UV protection can be removed, (3) then the new UV protection gets installed, (4) finally application of the final coating, after the sail is entirely repaired.

* we currently offer the repair service in Finland. (As of 01.11.2017) only for Laminate & Dacron sails

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