PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®, the only & original chemical sail improvement

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Optimizing impacts of RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration on a Dacron sail:

PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®

The RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® is a sail cleaning with some chemical-technical refinements. It not only cleans a sail, but optimizes the fabric structure and thus regenerates the sails profile. In addition, the sail gets a final finish, which fixes and protects the sail.

The procedure consists of a variety of mechanical and chemical interventions, which the sail goes through as follows:

1.) Oxidation cleaning, with possible further steps, chemical & manual processing
2.) Temporary reduction of fabric tension, chemical process
3.) Reorientation of the warp and weft threads of the canvas, chemical & mechanical processing
4.) Fixation and protection of the regenerated sail, chemical, manual application

Cleaning / Laundry

The sails are soaked in large baths for a longer time durcing which pollutions are dissolved. Then the sails are flushed manually. Since we do not soften the sails in washing machines, it is ensured that a sail does not lose tissue tension and strength. With this we achieve extraordinarily good results, which the international nautical press attests to, without degrading the quality of the cloth.

Fabric optimization

In the next processing step, the alignment and condition of the fabric threads is corrected. With chemical and mechanical processing, the sail comes back into shape after cleaning. With chemical help, we can regenerate the compressed and stretched fibers and with mechanical help correct the alignment of the warp and weft threads.

Fabric fixation

For the sail to hold its shape it has to be fixed. For this purpose, we use a mixture of textile aids that glue in their entirety, consolidate and form a repellent surface that protects the sail against weather and dirt.

Aging course

The aging process of regenerated sails is similar to that of new sails. The PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®, however, makes it possible, to significantly prolong the aging process. Especially when considering Dacron sails can be repeatedly treated – literally, till they fall apart.

Clip: One Design – Coffee Filter Race

The little clip below shows how well the RED GULL coatings protect your sail.

All 3 coffee filters were equipped with a keel weight consisting of 6 x 2 cm long, 4mm dia. wood screws.

The RED GULL PRO-2 chemicals kept their filters afloat. A product that made it not into our selection, had not enough water resistance to proof the filter.

This explains how the protection against mildew in laminated sails works. Keeping Laminate sails perfectly dry as the ones in the bottom photo, at the end of the clip, will pay back. Take a look in the gallery on the page about our laminate treatment, you will find these sails. (click here)

The X-Yachts 50 sails shown in that photo, are serviced since 2007 every 3 years acc. the RED GULL PRO-2 Laminate Conditioning, i.o. to keep the protective coating fully functional at any time. The owner was not willing to take any risks. Understandable considering the purchase price of such sails.

Due to the consistent functionality of the coating, these sails are still now – 10 years later – perfectly clean and in excellent technical condition!