RED GULL Markenzeichen ® – RED GULL Trade marks ®

We do not grant any rights for the use of our names, brands, logo’s, formulations, photos, texts and marketing & sales presentations – our intellectual properties and copyright protected properties.

Misuse may have legal consequences, legal actions can be started any time.


EU – registered trade mark number

TrTrademark description

EU-TM-No. 016342289
RED GULL Oy/Ltd – Official company logo

EU-TM-No. 016342305

RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration,
Company logo & product brand in words

EU-TM-No. 009855313

RED GULL Oy/Lt, company logo
Outline logo for use with contrast items

As per 1st of June 2018 the allowance of use of our intellectual property & protected brands for sales and marketing purposes, is withdrawn.

This relates to all our former sales partners, sales representations and other former partners, as well as any 3rd parties, making unauthorized use of these.

(Page latest update, as per 23.08.2018)