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RED GULL – PRO-2 Sail Cleaning

Sails within RED GULL’s PRO-2 washing process

The washing of the sails is only one part and the first step in the RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® process. It differs considerably in some aspects from a normal washing process, because otherwise you can not lay the foundation for restoring the textile properties of synthetic fabrics, as is the case with Dacron.
With the PRO-2 washing process we achieve, as various international water sports magazines have tested, an exceptional result in the cleaning of sails. It is a water-based process that exceptionally well and safely removes organic pollutions such as grease and oil residues, animal remains, insects and insect remains, as well as various types of inorganic dirts and other contaminants.
We use a process that does no harm to the Dacron fabric, preserves the current fabric texture, but also prepares the fibres for the next steps in the processing in which we begin repairing the fibres.

During the PRO-2 washing process, the following will happen to your sail

Colour intensification and removal of oxidized gray Dacron (this is dead material without any function)
Elimination of UV-related discolouration – as far as this is technically responsible and possible!
Removal of various types of inorganic dirt
Removal of various types of organic dirt
Removal of animal excrements, e.g. bird droppings…
Removal of insects and insect remains

Different chemical influences of the fibers for the revival of Dacron tissue

The “in shape washing” of a sail, as meanwhile many laundries want to make you believe, unfortunately does not happen! You can book this safely into the field of fables and fairy tales. To be able to cope with the influences of the RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® process, the sail has to be worked on the one hand chemically and on the other mechanically through various processing steps. For this, the chemical knowledge and the possibilities for mechanic influencing are generally missing in sail laundries.

If you have any questions about the application on your sail, please send us an e-mail with your questions and we will try to give you a satisfactory technical answer as soon as possible. Since 2007, with the introduction of this special process, we have successfully processed many thousands of sails from all regions of Europe. For this we offer a safe, economical and special pick-up and return transport service – ask us.

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In the photos above, you can see impressions from the laundry: washing, drying & preparing for PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®.

In the photo series on the right, next to the page text, you can see impressions of a sail with the dissolved dirt still in the bath, the condition before and after, respectively in comparison to a clean sail and finally the washed sail after rinsing, drying and regenerating, but before fabric fixing and impregnation.

RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® for classic sails

We also process classic sails according to our procedures, here 300 m2 Duradon, a special classic cloth from England, from British Millerain Co. Ltd, which came aboard the “Nordische Jagt Grönland” (Old German expression for “Nordic Yacht”). The “Grönland” is Germany’s oldest sailing ship and would probably be our state yacht if we had such a thing!

The former polar exploration ship “Grönland”, is today a museum ship, “in service” and owned by the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.

The “Grönland” started off, with her freshly regenerated sails during winter of 2016-2017, for the 150th anniversary of the 2nd Bremen Lake City Festival “Bremerhaven Landgang” from 24th to 25th May 2017. The work on the sails was carried out in cooperation with one of our partners in Bremen: The chemical work was carried out here in Finland, the sail repairs were done locally in Bremen.

To successfully carry out such a home town project, is a fantastic experience for a Bremen native, of course: Everything in best “Bremer” hands (as we say in German)!