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Sail Regeneration

The RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration ® does exactly what Dacron sails need on a regular base to remain fully sailable on the long run. It restores features that are lost by use of the sail over time, a feature that only works with woven sails made from Dacron. This treatment is repeatable until a sail is literally falls apart.

In my professional career in various chemical companies in the world, I have seen many fields of chemical applications, manufacturing and processing methods. A particularly important area within these fields was textile chemistry, which is mainly concerned with the finishing of textiles and the production of textile auxiliaries.

The idea for the Sail Regeneration lay in a gray area between plastic, petrochemicals and textile chemistry. The desire to implement the idea led to a private move from Munich to Helsinki and the founding of the Finnish company RED GULL OY/Ltd in 2007.

From the idea to the finished product, many years went into the country, the Sail Regeneration is thereby a German-Finnish invention and product – nothing else!

From 2009 to 2016 there was an intermezzo with an independent production of the Sail Regeneration in the Netherlands. Since November 2016, with the bankruptcy of the Dutch company and its settlement, the Sail Regeneration is exclusively produced in Finland and sold directly or is distributed via our own dealer network.

The sails, to be treated in the RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration ® are first of all, thoroughly and carefully cleaned to prevent a degradation of the sail’s current technical condition. This is a decisive first step on the way to an optimized sail. In it’s optimization, the sail is chemically and mechanically influenced in various ways.

In order to speak with sailmaker COSegel words, “they are thereby given a pleasing haptics, which recalls the new condition. But the amazing thing is that the sails are actually improved in profile – in some cases even considerably. “

This profile optimization is the consequence of a treatment or process specified by the textile industry as textile realignment”. For many textiles, this is a far too exclusive procedure. In the case of Dacron sails, we have found a few chemical-technical set-ups that made the process feasible.

After the optimization of the sail, the recovered profile needs still to be stabilized, since the sail should not go out of shapeat the first pull on the sheets. For this purpose, we use a mixture of textile auxiliaries, which in their entirety, glue the sail together, solidify the fabric and build up a repellent protective surface.

The term “regeneration” is used today in connection with sails of many laundries and sailmakers for sail washing products which have nothing to do with the RED GULL PRO-2 Sail Regeneration ®. Therefore, since 5th of October 2017, this term has been protected throughout the EU as a registered trade mark for RED GULL Oy, Finland.

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