PRO-2 Laminate Conditioning

//PRO-2 Laminate Conditioning
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The Laminate Conditioning treatment is a sensible cleaning method for laminated sails. Since laminated sails do not require any profile restoring treatments, the Laminate Conditioning is mostly a cleaning treatment with installation of a new finish at the end of the treatment.

The treatment addresses primarily to laminated sails made with textile taffeta. Other materials should be requested prior to delivery!

The cleaning consists of separate RED GULL cleaning method, also attempting to remove mold/mildew. Since mold on Laminates can grow to the inside of the construction, it is recommendable to treat such sails immediately when you notice first mildew spots.

After a drying period, the Laminate sail will receive a new proofing, which is based on the RED GULL Sail Regeneration chemicals.

Price Laminate Conditioning
m²-Price: 17,50 €, incl. 24 % Finnish VAT