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RED GULL PRO-2 Cover Conditioning

The Cover Conditioning treatment is based on the Sail Regeneration concept to supply best result in cleaning, textile tension improvement and proofing of boat covers.
The treatment addresses primarily to covers made of acrylics. Other materials should be requested prior to delivery!

The Cover Conditioning starts with a regular cleaning acc. the RED GULL process. If than still required, in a second step molds/mildew will be removed with the help of low concentration chlorine solutions.

After a drying period, the cover will receive a new impregnation (proofing).

The process is a manual cleaning process, in which the typical tumbling damages of big washing machines are eliminated.

Price Cover Conditioning:
The price consists of two parts. A a basic price of 160,– € for 1 – 3 kg. Every extra kg is charged at 35,50 €/kg.
Prices include 24 % Finnish VAT

Example for a 5 kg boat cover:
The first 3 kgs: 160 €
4-5 kgs: 2 x 35,50 €/kg=71 €
Total price for 5 kg: 160 € + 71 € = 231 €