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Sail Cleaning,  fabric optimizations & repair

PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®

The PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® ist the best sail treatment in the market, tested & approved. It is the only way to restore the original qualities of Dacron sails in use. The sail will not only be cleaned, but also the fabric will be improved, thereby it obtains an feel and rigidity, similar to a new one. The diagonal strength will be reestablished, and the original profile is regenerated. For protection, the sail receives a new surface finish, rejecting humidity and dirt.  Such optimized sails were stressed and tested by the international press: The PRO-2 Sail Regeneration® was always considered unisono an excellent sail treatment. The test’s can be obtained from the editing magazines or as PDF’s from us.

On our pages you can find complete product descriptions, various detail photos and examples such as references, just follow the links provided below. To receive an offer, just send us a message with your questions.


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Since 2007, we have been consistently immersed in the subject of laminate sail maintenance. Due to an ever-increasing share of so-called “cruising” laminates in the market, we have had to deal with this topic more and more often. Since about 2011, various partner companies have become aware of the technical accuracy of our laminate sail treatments and started applying the chemical optimizations for newly produced laminated sails. Today we can safely say, that we are in lead of knowledge optimizing laminate sails for a longer life.

Follow the link below to learn more about laminate sail maintenance. The button next to it, you can use to send us a request for an offer.

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For tarpaulins such as sprayhoods, cockpit roofs, boom covers/lazy jack bags/staggers, biminis and others. we have an extremely effective, water based cleaning process.

Tarpaulin canvases are more critical than sailcloth’s due to permanent environmental influences and weather conditions. With regular care, protection mechanisms can be maintained and aggressive cleaning treatments avoided!

To find out more about our process of RED GULL PRO-2 Boat cover conditioning, click on the link “Learn More”. With the other button you can send us a price request.

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RED GULL Segelwäsche und Reparatur

In some countries we cooperate with sailmakers, in many other, we prefer to supply our services in direct sales to the endconsumer. Therefore we can offer different solutions for having your sails cleaned & optimized including repairs. There are different ways to Rome, you can pick up your goods from us or deliver them to one of our local partners.

Please send us your inquiry or find more information on our solutions via the link “Learn more”.

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The Right Service For Your Sails. Every Time.


PRO-2 Sail Regeneration®

  • Cleaning
  • Mold/mildew removal
  • Gewebspannung Erholung
  • Textile-Realignment
  • Profile regeneration
  • fabric stabilzing/strengthening
  • strong oleo- & hydrophobicity

PRO-2 Boat cover conditioning

  • Cleaning
  • Mold/mildew removal
  • + fabric tension
  • + shape improvement
  • + Water column
  • strong hydrophobicity
  • strong oleophobicity

PRO-2 Laminate sails conditioning

  • Cleaning
  • Mold/mildew removal
  • Tafeta optimization
  • + humidity resistance
  • + Mildew resistance
  • strong hydrophobicity
  • strong oleophobibicity

That’s yachting textile care, the international press agrees!

German magazine “Yacht”

“Innovation: How sails go clean and back into shape”

“40% less profile depth, beyond any doubt … and 25 cm towards luff”

“A measurable change in the profile compared to spring was not apparent. Apparently, the finish of Red Gull is able to fix the sail. ”

Dutch magazine “Zeilen”

Dutch Magazine Zeilen see’s their sails “Back in shape”

“RED GULL really perform when they claim to improve the structural strength, weave texture and strength, and for a more than fair price. ”

“At Wind Force 6 with a short wave on the Markermeer, the Friendship reaches 5 degrees higher than before the treatment”

Finnish magazine “Frisk Bris”

Finnish magazine Frisk Bris: “New Life into the Sail”

Frisk Bris, the oldest swedish-language Finnish sailing magazine, dedicates a 2-page article explaining the PRO-2 Sail Regeneration process, as well as the associated benefits for the sailor. In addition, the article describes also the cover cleaning at RED GULL Oy in Nummela.

German magazine “Boote”

Europe’s largest powerboat magazine boats compares covers treated by Scandinavian RED GULL OY with German Novosails GmbH and attested the RED GULL treatment considerable technical values very close to original new canvas.

The RED GULL Oy treatment had been granted very good technical values with an short overall description as follows: “cloth with a solid grip and stiff and very clean”